It's amazing how happy Erica was.

We needed a single story house to continue caring for Erica so were forced to sell our 3-story duplex in Catonsville, MD. We found a lovely ranch house in the Pennsylvania country side with star filled nights where we could actually see the milky way! Erica liked the milky way, we think she had friends there (probably still does).

The school bus picked her up right in front of the house and she loved this! One thing is for sure: Erica loved to ride on the school bus. You had to see her smile when the bus pulled up because words won't describe it. The school bus driver and Erica's aid(s) were really nice people too.

The public school that Erica attended was in Hanover, PA. In the 1999-2000 school year Erica donated over 75 lbs. of aluminum can tops for recycling. This picture shows about half of what we turned in!

October 2000 - Erica missed a week of school! Why? Well she caught pneumonia again and spent three days in the hospital. This made three years in a row that she wound up with pneumonia within the first month of going back to school. This was the 1st time she had it twice though.

December 2000 - Here we go again. This is the third time this season with pneumonia, second stay in the hospital. And to compound matters, Michelle had to drive home to get some of Erica's needed medical equipment, so Erica could spend the night in the hospital! So now oou home was better equipped than the hospital's!

The next day, Michelle had to drive back home again to get some of Erica's Pedia Sure because the Hospital didn't have any for her! (note to self: someday this story needs to be told).

We came home from the Hospital this time with a new toy: an electric bed that goes up and down. You've probably guessed, Erica loved this, and so did we because she slept 200% better.

We were sure equipped to handle Erica's needs! Sometimes it felt like we started our own pediatric unit! See the list of stuff here: Home Medical Equipment