First Year

When Erica was born, she was beautiful and appeared healthy. Within months however, we began noticing her slow development. We noticed that she wouldn't follow you with her eyes, or grasp your finger. At six months old Erica started having seizures. The worst episode to date happened when we were on Route 95 south of Washington DC, returning from my Grandfather Theisz's memorial service in Staunton, VA (as if that wasn't bad enough). Ericaegan a horrendous seizure, stopped breathing, and turned every shade of blue.

Michelle instinctively grabbed her out of her car seat and brought her into the the front seat and performed CPR. Catherine and Jared, in the back seat, were very frightened. Michelle recovered Erica and held her the rest of the way home. We were all very scared, and all I did was step on the gas.

Lets do some math: we were about 75 miles south of DC traveling north on I95 and made it to the north side of DC in about 45 minuets. That's 100 miles an hour! For once I had a good excuse for speeding! As we got back onto Rt95 from the Captol Beltway, Erica was settled down with much better color. I let up on the accelerator, and we went straight home.

After this episode, the doctors finally scheduled some tests for her and the Lissencephaly was discovered.