Reality Check

Our Own Emergency Room?

We used to joke about our home becoming a hospital emergency room.

This is the collection of the apparatus we had, all of it used on a regular basis. Maybe you will see why we felt like we were becoming our own personal hospital.

parents of "Liss Kids" probably have, or should expect, a similar collection:

Wheelchair (3rd one) and were rapidly heading towards the fourth.
Food pump
IV pole
Suction machine
BI-pap machine
Oxygen concentrator and portable oxygen tanks
Hospital bed (real) in her bedroom
Hospital bed (homemade) in the family room
G-tube kit for emergencies*. Erica was fed through a G-tube. This is a tube into her stomach where her liquid food (PediaSure) is pumped.
Erica was given a port-a-cath (in May 2000). This is a special device surgically placed under the skin in her right shoulder. This device is for easy access to blood drawing and, if needed, IV's can be placed there. Erica never liked to give blood and "hid" her veins from everyone. We were resorting to surgical cut-downs.
Hazardous waste container (this looked too scary to keep out in the open. It is for disposal of things such as syringes, etc.), it arrived with the porta -a-cath supplies.

Erica continued to have seizures and remained on medication to help control them. They were somewhat controlled, and we still had a few every day. Sometimes we would watch her after a "nighttime cocktail" and think that must be good stuff because she would get the giggles (for more information about the nighttime cocktail use the e-mail link and we'll send you the recipe).

* E*mer"gen*cy, n.; pl. Emergency. 1. Sudden or unexpected appearance; an unforeseen occurrence; a sudden occasion. Example: Your your dog, as fine as a companion as he may be, decides to pull the G-tube out of your medically fragile child's belly.

We are still a little uncertain of our little pooch's motivation, maybe he thought it didn't belong there and was trying to help. After all, "Archie" was definitely Erica's protector.

Archie was a stray dog that we adopted soon after moving to PA. He just showed one day and was an awesome dog. We figure someone dropped him off he was incredibly gentle although he was very big!