We knew this day was coming but we still weren't prepared.

At six o'clock on the morning, on a typical day, it was time to wake up Erica for school. Michelle soon discovered that Erica didn't plan on going to school that morning. Erica decided instead, that it was time to run and play. Erica died peacefully in her sleep some time during the night.

We don't know why. After recovering from a long hard winter, maybe her heart just had enough.

If you're a new "Liss Parent" please believe that you are not alone, many others have traveled this path and are willing to talk with you and share experiences. Here is a thought that we found to be very important: Remember that it's not your fault you have a child with a disability. Believe that your child loves you, depends on you, and will reward you in many ways. 

Christmas Eve 2007

Christmas Eve 2007
Erica's internment is right next to this beautiful
monument in Gettysburg, PA.